Engineering Plastics


Nylon offers great temperature, impact and chemical properties. Products fabricated or manufactured from nylon are corrosion resistant and is able to operate with little to no lubrication. Nylon is sensitive to UV Light and may not be suitable for outdoor use. Nylon is available in white and black with various sizes and thicknesses.

Nylon Features and Uses

  • High wear resistance
  • Low friction
  • Continuous use temperature of  up to 220 degrees
  • Bushings, bearings, rollers,
  • Gears, sprockets, wear components


Polypropylene offers large range properties including physical, mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical which may not be found in other thermoplastics. PP resists solvents, chemical agents and acids. Commonly used for plating tanks water tanks, chemical tanks, medical applications and food grade uses. Available in Grey (beige) or Natural colour with a wide range of sheet sizes and thicknesses.


Polypropylene Features and Uses

  • Temperature and chemical resistant
  • Moisture resistances
  • Easily workable and formable
  • Chemical and water tanks
  • Battery boxes and trays
  • Water and treatment tanks


Acetal sheet is known for its low moisture absorption, high tensile strength, durability, low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion resistance.  Acetal sheet is available in black and natural colours and comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Acetal rod in natural or black is also available.  Acetal can sometimes be known as Delrin.


Acetal Features and Uses

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Very high mechanical properties
  • Excellent impact and creep resistance
  • Chemical resistance to fuels and solvents
  • Precision gears
  • Bearings with close tolerances
  • Electrical engineering insulators
  • Compact bearing assembly


PTFE is white in colour with rod, tube and sheet options available. PTFE has excellent non stick properties, almost universal chemical resistance and excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It also has excellent UV resistance. PTFE has a high temperature limit of 260°C and a low coefficient of friction. PTFE in its virgin form is available in various sizes, lengths and thicknesses  

  • High temperature wear strips (up to 260°C)
  • Heat shrink wrap covers
  • Electrical insulators
  • Chemical resisting bushes and bearings
  • Valve seat and plugs
  • Gaskets
  • Pump components
  • Washers