Machining Services

Foremost Plastics Pty Ltd provide a large range of machining and engineering services to meet your product needs whether it be laser cutting or simple cut acrylic shapes.  We are able to produce a large range of product using our materials. These services include:

  • Laser cut acrylic letters, shapes, signs etc
  • CNC machined components
  • CNC milling
  • Engineering plastics
  • Router cutting
  • 3D Printing

Plastic Repairs

Our team at Foremost Plastics Pty Ltd  are able to assist you or your business with any plastic breakages or damage that require repair. These may include:

  • Small household breakages
  • Damaged plastic boats and canoes
  • Welding leaking water tanks
  • Storm damage and emergency repairs
  • All using our high quality glue and welding techniques